Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Judges Saga... : Why Should Blame Tun Dr M Now??

Today ,when I woke up, I thought that it would be another good day. But when I bought the New Straits Times, The Headline were "Dr M Threatened Judges..." that is alleged by the high court judge, Datuk Ian Chin. Ironically, why does all these judges make allegations now.. Why not then, in the year 2004 or before that? For me, all of this allegations just opens the "rotten-meat" in the judicial system.. Enough is enough.. what makes our judicial system looks bad is because of these allegations.. If everybody keep quiet, it will give no harm.. but the main question that is in my mind is why NOW?

As an ordinary citizen, I assume that all of these allegations are made up to save their necks and also to show to all that they are the one who is the "Good Guys" and to make Dr M the "bad-guy". Why is this so??? Why do they have to tell all this stories to show the mistake (if their remarks are genuine) of the previous government????

When this question rise, we can assume that all of these allegation can be seen as political move to give popularity to the present administration.

Do we realize that all this moment for 22 years, we have been living in prosperous and moving forward rapidly through the administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (Don't you guys feel grateful to have a leader such as him?) Why should people stand up and tell all these "lies" about him..?

The main question is Why NOW? Why NOW? Why NOW?

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Omong said...

UMNO youth should do something instead of asking questions.

TUN has suggested several possible moves. Trust TUN as he is the wisest man on earth. And he still loves UMNO.

So guys get up and move before its too late.